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Neighborhood Communities

We proudly maintain Homeowner Associations, daycare centers, parks and other businesses within the Tri-County area. From large to small, we have the skill and services to exceed your every need. We specialize in every aspect of maintenance, including but not limited to neighborhood parks, ponds, or even multiple entrances. Installs of mulch and other plantings will beautify your landscape as well as maintain pride throughout the neighborhood. So let us make your community one you want to come home to.


Business & Universities 

Yard Barber SC, LLC offers a wide range of commercial landscape services for large and small commercial properties. We meet the landscape managment needs of homeowner's assocoations, apartment complexes, office building, retail business, daycare centers and parks. Yard Barber SC, LLC specializes in every aspect of maintenaince from weekly or bi-weekly service to a more in-depth overhaul. We can work with you to come up with a plan that will work for your budget. We can also take care of irrigation and pesticide issues.

Parks & Recreation

When it comes to having fun, the last thing you want to do is have to worry. Yard Barber SC isn't just about residential properties and big time commercial clients, trust us with your "Sandlot". 

Whether it be ballfields or playgrounds, leave it to Yard Barber SC to assure a clean, safe and well maintained recreational space.

Plantation & Estate

Whether it be a historic national landmark or a multi-million dollar vacation home, our trained & certified staff will meticulously care for the property following a proper horticulture schedule. We will notify of any issues throughout the landscape, working with the client to determine the best long term options. From shrub & bed maintenance to turf cutting & fertilization, we handle it all.

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Real Estate Properties

With the Tri-County area growing rapidly, more and more properties come onto the market. Yard Barber SC would love the opportunity to beautify and maintain your properties so you can worry about what matters. Let Robert and his team manage your properties, they can assure you  that your landscape will be perfectly maintained for that open house. 

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