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Perfect for  Homeowners Associations, Property Managers, commercial business, gas stations, or just the mom and pop shop down the road. It includes mowing of all grass along with all areas and blowing off all surfaces, seasonal pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs, as well as installing pinestraw and mulch. We will also keep the managers informed of issues about the property. Some properties require full service detail to maximize curb appeal, others simply a clean and neat well-maintained landscape. Yard Barber SC, LLC offers a landscape maintenance package to get the results your business requires and well within your budget.

Residential Landscape Maintenance includes a regularly scheduled service on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. After removing trash, debris, limbs, and other obstructions, our lawn care specialist will mow your lawn using a mulching lawn mower, adjusted seasonally to the optimal height. Other natural or man-made features will be edged or weedeated for an overall beautiful result. All hard surfaces will be blown free of debris and weed kill will be applied to those areas. We typically do not bag lawn clippings for maintained yards, but will do so upon request.

Residential Landscape Maintenance
Commercial Property Maintenance
Design & Transformation
Irrigation Install & Repair

General property cleanup which includes the cleaning of beds which may entail weed block, as well as delivery and installation of pine straw or mulch. The design aspect is a little more detailed. We will go over options and ideas to consider, as well as meet the client's needs with a beautiful landscape without having to spend a fortune. It totally gives the feel of a new yard. It is also great to do in spring and fall.

Does your grass show signs or drought stress or improper watering? Shrubs and annuals not getting the right amount of water? We strictly use Hunter irrigation products for our clock heads and wireless receivers. All hard pipe is fitted using certified & tested brass or copper fittings. Lastly your system is certified for your county and all paperwork is filed. We handle everything from a multi-controller commercial system to a small residential home.


We can do anything from trimming and pruning your shrubs and ornamental trees, to leaf pick-up and removal, dethatch, or even aerate.  Our specialists, using gasoline, electric, and hand tools, will remove obvious infested, diseased, dying and/or dead portions of the plant, and/or restore plant height, shape and contours. Also, it includes brush clearing and any additional landscape needs. 


Additional Services Offered
Pressure Washing

We can pressure wash your home, driveway, fence or business. We use a diluted bleach and water solution that is very effective while harmless to plants. Nothing helps make your home, entry way, driveway, or siding sparkle like a cleaning from the professionals. Let us spruce up your house and get rid of years of grime, dust, and dirt. You won't believe the results! 

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