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Lawn Maintenance with pride

We offer nothing but the best. Yard Barber SC is committed not only to satisfying  each customer, but going the extra mile to assure we surpass expectations. From simply mowing and maintaining your turf, we'll also edge the beds and concrete boundries within your landscape. We offer pinestraw and mulching services for your flowerbeds in and around your lawn. Additionally, we trim and maintain bushes and shrubs. 


Winter Prep

When the leaves begin to fall, it's time to call Yard Barber SC! We'll take care of those pesky shrubs and bushes so you don't have to. Winterizing trees and cutting back for the winter is key to a healthy, flourishing landscape come spring time. With the turf changing from green to dormant, a few fresh bales of pine straw really can make the difference.

Clean Up

We all remember those Saturday afternoons growing up, raking leaves and straw with our siblings. Leave that chore to the fellas at Yard Barber SC! Our team can be in and out all before your weekend ever begins! 


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